Christine Stewart

Christine has been working in glass for over twenty years. She lives, works and is inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds her home on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. Every piece in the Glass of Fire range is individually designed and kilnformed by Christine in her studio and often requires two or three firings to achieve the quality of depth and clarity within the pieces.  

A glass artist who is well known for her eccentric use of colour, Christine entwines into her designs the watery hues and  sparkle of the Pacific Ocean,  the lush textures and richness of the foliage within the rainforests, the dramatic ochres and the vivid colours which capture the spirit of the Australian outback.

Christine is internationally recognised for her work in glass mosaics, hot mosaics, glass fusing and her dichroic glass jewellery designs. She is the author of many art glass design books with CKE Publications which are distributed worldwide, and travels annually to the USA  as an educator teaching classes and   workshops.


Christine is the recipient of numerous international awards for glass art design. 

Glass Craft Expo, USA - Gallery of Excellence:

2007 First Place Professional Mosaic 'Geisha'
2008 Second Place Professional Mosaic 'A Night at the Opera'
2008 First Place Professional Mosaic 'Peace'
2009 First Place Professional Mosaic 'Venus or Mars'
2009 Popular Vote Professional Mosaic 'Venus or Mars'
2009 Second Place Professional Jewellery 'Slumped and Curved Pendant'
2010 Second Place Professional Mosaic 'Dragon - Shanghai Dreams'
2010 Popular Vote Professional Mosaic 'Dragon - Shanghai Dreams'
2011 Second Place Professional Mosaic 'Masai Women'
2011 Popular Vote Professional Mosaic 'Masai Women'
2012 Second Place Professional Mosaic 'Outback'
2012 Popular Vote Professional Mosaic 'Outback'
2013 First Place Professional Mosaic 'Magumba'
2013 Second Place Professional Glass Jewellery 'Gold Oriental Gem'
2014 First Place Professional Mosaic 'Lotus'
2014 Peoples Choice Professional Mosaic 'Lotus'
2015 Third Place Professional Mosaic 'Poppy'

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